A great benefit to students attending Consortium colleges and universities is the ability to participate in the Consortium’s cross-registration program. This program provides the opportunity for students enrolled in eligible degree programs at one Consortium member institution to register for a course at another member institution – dramatically increasing the number of available course options.  Each participating member institution has listed the critical dates that cross-registering students should observe when taking courses at that institution. Students are responsible for arranging their schedules to accommodate the calendar requirements of both the home and visited institution. The links below provide information about the procedures at each participating university.

American University
The Catholic University of America 
Gallaudet University
The George Washington University
George Mason University
Georgetown University
Howard University
Marymount University
Montgomery College
Northern Virginia Community College
Prince George’s Community College
Trinity Washington University
Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences (need special permission)
University of the District of Columbia
University of Maryland College Park

A fillable form for student cross-registration can be found here

The general procedural rules governing cross-registration can be found in the Consortium's Cross-Registration Manual.

Additional information can be obtained by contacting the Consortium office at info@consortium.org