Economic Club Fellowships Announced

The Economic Club of Washington, DC annually awards three $10,000 fellowships to graduate students pursuing doctoral degrees in the fields of economics, finance, and business related areas.  General information can be found here

Philip M. Dearborn Fellowship: This fellowship is named for Philip M. Dearborn, a leading national authority on urban finance, intergovernmental finance, and regional economic development. He gave particular emphasis to the Washington, DC area. The fellowship is offered annually for proposed doctoral-level research dealing with issues of direct and specific relevance to the Greater Washington Metropolitan Area, including, without limitation, issues of economics, public and private finance, education, transportation, law enforcement, social welfare, housing, and regional and community development. It is expected that the research will rely to a significant extent on information and data derived from or relating to the Washington, DC metropolitan area. Fill-in and printable blank application forms are available. 

Vernon E. Jordan, Jr. Fellowships: Two fellowships, named for Vernon E. Jordan, Jr., president of the Economic Club from 2004-2008, are offered annually for proposed doctoral-level research in areas of concentration that could include economics, finance, international trade or business. Fill-in and printable blank application forms are available. 

2016 Fellowship Application Timeline

            February 26, 2016                   Student deadline to submit applications to the Consortium

            March 11, 2016                       Consortium sends completed applications to Economic Club

            April 22, 2016                         Winning applications selected

            April 29, 2016                         Contact 2016 Fellowship winners

            Spring/Early Summer              Fellowship Awards presentation at an Economic Club Signature Event