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Gallaudet University: What the Best Teachers Do


Sorenson Language and Communication Center (SLCC) - 1302


Dr. Dennis Galvan will lead the final installment of the "What the Best Teachers Do" workshop series. His presentation is entitled, "What Excellent Teachers at Gallaudet Do."


Ken Bain has been looking at what the best teachers do in higher education for decades. His research is summed in his book, “What the Best College Teachers Do”. In this workshop, we will look at some best practices at Gallaudet couched in terms of Bain’s findings. After soliciting nominations for outstanding teachers, from chairs, and faculty members, Dr. Galvan surveyed students for their opinions on who the outstanding Gallaudet teachers were. Many outstanding teachers were identified. Of this group, five agreed to be interviewed and video recorded. Dr. Galvan will discuss how these five prepare their courses, establish natural critical learning environments, and promote deep processing and learning.