Students attending most of the Consortium universities have the opportunity to cross-register for courses at other participating Consortium universities. Click here for more information. 

Consortium Research Fellows Program

The Consortium manages an extensive program for graduate student research fellowships in federal agencies around the country. Information about the program can be found here

U.S. Institute of Peace Research Assistant Program

The U.S. Institute of Peace provides graduate student support. Information about the program can be found here.

Philip M. Dearborn Doctoral Fellowship
Vernon E. Jordan, Jr. Doctoral Fellowships

The Economic Club of Washington, DC, and the Consortium partner in supporting three doctoral fellowships with awards of $10,000 each. The Philip M. Dearborn Fellowship is named in honor of the nation's leading authorities on urban finance, intergovernmental finance, and regional economic development, especially with regard to the Washington, DC metropolitan area. The Vernon E. Jordan, Jr. Fellowship honors a past president of the Economic Club (2004-2008) who worked tirelessly on significant economic and financial issues. 

The Fellowships are offered annually for proposed doctoral-level research addressing issues of direct and specific relevance to the Washington, DC metropolitan area, including issues of economics, public and private finance, education, transportation, law enforcement, social welfare, housing, and regional and community development. It is expected that the research will rely to a significant extent on information and data derived from or relating to the Washington, DC metropolitan area. Announcement of the annual competition is made in October, with the deadline for applications the following spring. 

Cosmos Scholars Grant Program

The Cosmos Club of Washington, DC offers a small grant program to graduate students at Washington, DC area universities. Details of the program can be found here