Student Protection Plus is a three part program providing blanket coverage for your student body.  

1.       Travel Assistance

2.       Balanced Life Assistance (similar to an EAP program, except exclusively for students)

3.       Financial Protection – Life insurance for life.(no suicide or terrorism exclusion !)

TRAVEL ASSISTANCE – we have partnered with Assist America, one of the largest travel assistance companies in the country.  They have over 30 million people covered.  Unlike many travel assist companies our students are covered 24/7 365 days a year, both traveling abroad and domestically (as long as they are 100 miles from home).  This is very unique.  Some of the services provided by Assist America include:

1.       A mobile app to download their ID card to their smartphone or iPad – look up pre-trip information, call our 24/7 operation center, review services provided by Assist America, locate a pharmacy, locate the closest embassy and get the latest news from our Assist Alerts and Traveler Newsletter

2.       Lost luggage, lost prescriptions, lost glasses, passports driver’s license etc.

3.       Illness and accident hospital admissions

4.       Medically supervised repatriation after being hospitalized

5.       Compassionate visit

6.       Return of mortal remains

7.       Emergency trauma counseling and much more

For example, if a student is injured in a foreign country and there is no Western medically trained physician or western equipped medical facility locally the student will be transported to the nearest English speaking/trained facility.  There are no geographical or territorial exclusions – students are covered anywhere on the globe.  No sports restrictions, no alcohol related exclusions and no mental illness exclusions.

Unlike many assist programs we have no financial limits or restrictions.  We have no costs or deductibles for any service we provide.  Assist America arranges and pays for the services so that the students are not out of pocket or at a loss when trying to arrange for the services on their own. (Coverage is guaranteed, Assist America will coordinate with health insurer.) Assist America is a life line for students, family and administrators.

Balanced Life Assistance – For this portion of the program we have partnered with Ceridian, one of the largest Student Assist Programs in the country.  We have a network of professionals (minimum master-level clinicians) available by phone 24/7 365 days a year. Counselors are also available for face-to-face assessments. Our professional counselors are ready to help with student wellness issues like pregnancy, depression, anxiety, addiction, financial matters and more.  We provide substance abuse specialist counseling plus case management for one year.  Campus mental health issues are a major concern at all college and universities throughout the country.  Per the Wall Street Journal, “Universities are hiring more social workers, psychologists and psychiatrists as demand for campus mental-health services rises.”  We have been told by many college and university presidents that suicide is a very big concern.  Our goal is to help, not replace on campus counseling.  Our clinicians are available 24/7 365 days a year, not just while school is in session.  For example, if a student is distraught and contemplating suicide and school is not is session and it is 2:30 in the morning, by calling the number on his smartphone he will be in touch with a qualified counselor.  If necessary the counselor will act like a 911 call and get the necessary help to the student , and, hopefully avoid a serious tragedy.  We simply want to be another arrow in your quiver.  CPAs and Attorneys are also on staff to provide legal and financial assistance.  The attorneys are not permitted to advise a student against his college or university.

Financial Protection - $100,000 insurance for under graduates and up to $250,000 for graduate students.  The insurance is guaranteed issue.  In other words no one can be turned down or rated.  There are no medical questions asked.  The coverage is comprehensive – no suicide or terrorism exclusions!  If a student becomes terminally ill he/she may access a living benefit, up to the full amount of coverage, to off- set medical  expenses.  This coverage is portable.  When a student graduates or leaves school he/she may take the coverage with them at very low group rates, regardless of his/her health.  Coverage is year round while the student is a full time student.  If a tragedy happens, and the student loan is not forgiven, this benefit can be very helpful.

The cost for this, one of a kind, program is $48 per student per semester.